About Us

We are an artisan bakery specialising in sourdough bread and French pastries, based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The Origins

The business started in 2010 when owner Jeremy MacCormack decided to bring his baker skills to his hometown.

Having worked in several bakeries in New Zealand and abroad, he felt that Christchurch didn’t have the same choice and quality when it came to bread and pastries. He started baking sourdough bread in a homemade oven in his backyard and would barter the resulting loaves with his neighbours. He then started experimenting with viennoiserie (croissants, Danishes…) and would take them to the Deans Bush farmers’ market (now Christchurch Farmers’ Market) and Opawa farmers’ market (now South Christchurch Farmers’ Market) on the weekend.

The demand for his high quality products grew quickly, and he started looking for a place where he could make and sell his products in a more permanent bakery setting.

In 2012 Bellbird moved into the newly restored Tannery complex in Woolston and, together with another business, opened a little bakery/café called Tanner Street Bakery. After 6 years Bellbird had outgrown its premises; time to move again! However, it didn’t go far: just to the other end of the Tannery boardwalk.

In 2021, Bellbird opened a second retail space at the Riverside Market in the heart of the city.

The Team

Our small team is dedicated to making the best bread and pastries. It takes a lot of experience and care to produce consistent baked goods every day. We are all about our craft and are always willing to share our passion with our customers.

Here’s an overview of our talented team members:

Bakers & Pastry chefs: Jeremy, Dave, David, Isabel, Jacques, James, Talyah, Nicolas, Dani
Front of House: Matt, Savannah, Vivien, Mia, Jackie, Kate
Farmers’ market team: Hannah, Vivien, Kate, Alice V
Prep chefs: Kaz, Jackie, Sol, Briana
Packers/Delivery drivers: Jessica, Courtenay, Natali, Greer, Sol, Brooke
Bakery assistants: Taeko, Sarah, Briana, AJ, Cesar
Marketing team: Alice T, Melandie

Our Values


We aim to deliver top quality products by using the best ingredients available. Our standard is very high and we constantly strive to deliver the best products and service to our customers.


We care about our planet and the decisions we make reflect that. We source our ingredients from local and/or organic suppliers as much as possible. We try to reduce our use of packaging and resources as much as possible, and recycle and compost our waste. Sustainability for us also means that we offer wholesome products that make us feel good and doesn’t cost our health.

Social responsibility

We want to contribute to happier and healthier communities by providing a great environment to work in (taking care of our employees and making sure they get rewarded for their hard work) and by encouraging the use of active transport, particularly cycling. We try to help the people in need by distributing our unsold bread among the community.

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