Our Suppliers

At Bellbird we are passionate about keeping things local and wholesome. That's why we source our ingredients meticulously.

As much as possible we prioritise buying local and organic when available. It’s much easier to make a good product if you’ve got good ingredients to start with, and in Canterbury we are blessed with both variety and quality.

We also take pride in using traditional baking techniques and long fermentation processes to bring you the most delicious baked goods in town.

Our Flour

Most of our breads contain a mixture of organic wholewheat flour and spray-free white flour.

The wholewheat flour we use is organic (BioGro certified). The rye flour, rye flakes and barley flakes (used in our Porridge Sourdough) are additionally Demeter (Biodynamic) certified. These are grown by Milmore Downs in North Canterbury. If you are after a 100% organic loaf, go for the Rye Sourdough.

The white bread flour we use is spray-free, grown by farmers in South Canterbury and milled at Farmers Mill in Timaru. The wheat is grown without the application of any chemical sprays during its life cycle. The farms are independently audited by AsureQuality, and the plants and harvested grain are tested to ensure the spray-free status.

Our Eggs

We get our eggs from Nutritional Farm, a small business owned and operated by couple Gretha and Paddy. Their farm is located in Dunsandel, between Christchurch and Ashburton.

The hens are raised according to “pastured” standards. This means the animals live on pasture and roam freely. At night they roost in portable sheds.

Compared to conventional or free-range farming, pastured hens forage and eat bugs all day long and are able to express their natural behaviours, such as pecking and scratching. No pesticides or synthetic fertilisers are sprayed on Nutritional Farm. This diet and freedom directly translate to eggs of superior nutritional quality.


We are proud to source our chocolate from Trade Aid, a social enterprise founded in 1973 on the philosophy of fairness in trade. It is a New Zealand company that is all about doing business to build a better world.

What most people don’t know is that Trade Aid makes its own chocolate right here in Christchurch! The Sweet Justice Chocolate Factory is based in Sydenham.

Most of New Zealand’s chocolate is made using cocoa bought through conventional supply chains that pay very low prices to cocoa producers.
Trade Aid sources its cocoa under fair trade terms, which provide higher returns to cocoa farmers. Higher fair trade prices allow these producers to better cover the basic costs of living for their families. It also allows them to better protect their environment by producing cocoa organically.

At Bellbird we exclusively use Trade Aid organic 70% dark chocolate and use generous amounts of it in our Pain au Chocolat, Walnut & Salted Caramel Brownie, Chocolate Chip Shortbread and some seasonal products.


We are proud to source our sugar from Trade Aid, a social enterprise founded in Christchurch in 1973 on the philosophy of fairness in trade. Trade Aid challenges the usual, conventional way of doing business by paying decent wages to small-scale farmers. This enables them to support their families and better protect their environment by growing crops organically.

We use two types of sugar in our baking:

  • Organic golden sugar Produced entirely without chemicals, this organic, unbleached sugar retains a thin covering layer of cane juice on the crystals for a unique golden colour and delicate caramel flavour. This sugar is made by the Manduvira cooperative in Southern Paraguay. Some small-scale farmers invested in their own processing plant to gain more of the value from their sugarcane. This was a true small-farmer revolution that has created change in the community through investment in sustainability initiatives, community healthcare and employment programmes for youth.
  • Organic muscovado sugar – Moist, rich and unrefined, this sugar features smoky, fruity, toffee notes. It is made in northern Peru by small-scale farmers and retains the nutritional value of whole molasses. It is a key ingredient in our world-famous Almond Croissant!


Our walnuts come from Trickett’s Grove, a co-operative of around 45 walnut growers mostly from Canterbury.
Their philosophy is to grow walnut trees using as little intervention as possible. Some of the orchards are certified organic and they all limit the use of sprays, preferring to prune, feed and water instead.

As with most foods, fresh is best for walnut quality. The walnut shell is nature’s airtight container and protects the kernels from air and light. Unlike imported walnuts which are cracked months before they reach New Zealand, Trickett’s Grove walnuts are cracked just in time for delivery at the Tricketts Road facilities in West Melton.
This just-in-time approach means that the walnuts we get as a customer are fresh, highly nutritious and full of flavour.

We use generous amounts of Trickett’s Grove walnuts in our Walnut Sourdough and our Walnut & Salted Caramel Brownie.


We get whole A2 milk from Canterbury’s Choice, a family-owned and operated dairy farm in Springston, on the outskirts of Christchurch.

Canterbury’s Choice makes an effort to protect the environment they farm in and adheres to the best farming practices. The farm is also 100% self-sufficient, which means it produces all that is needed for the cows on the land. The Irvine family credits the quality of their milk to the way they manage the farm and treat the cows: no palm kernel, no bobby calves, no harmful sprays.

Bellbird uses Canterbury’s Choice milk because it is fresh, local, sustainable and just plain delicious.
We love the fact that the milk is whole and non-homogenised. After a few days, you see the cream has risen to the top of the bottle. The milk is delivered to our door in reusable glass bottles. Just rinse and return. We love this business model that doesn’t rely on single-use plastic packaging.

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