Almond Croissant

Packed with the deliciousness of caramel and the rich taste of almond, our almond croissant is a regular hot seller, and for a good reason. Baked fresh every day, this is the right snack to treat your sweet tooth with something special.

This pastry is a delicious combination of crunchy, flaky, and buttery texture, generously filled with almond cream for nutty goodness.

We take our butter croissants, dip them in vanilla syrup, fill them with almond cream and bake them again. This process makes our almond croissants both moist and crispy, the recipe of perfection – and something you won’t find anywhere else in Christchurch.

Almond Croissant Combo

Luckily, you don’t need to share your very own piece of pastry. If meeting up with friends or family, combine it with an Apple Turnover, a Fruit Danish or a Pain au Chocolat.



White flour, water, ground almonds, organic cane sugar, butter, milk powder, vanilla, spices, yeast, brandy, egg, and sea salt.


Contains wheat (gluten), butter and milk, egg and almond (tree nuts).

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