Our ciabatta loaf has a soft, airy crumb and a golden crispy crust. Following a traditional recipe, we ferment the dough overnight for improved texture and digestibility.

Ciabatta bread is so versatile that it pairs well with any dish. You can enjoy it by dipping it in olive oil and dukkah, as a side with your favourite soup, or use it to mop up the juices of a tomato salad. It is also excellent for sandwiches, especially with grilled cheese. Oh, and it is a top choice for garlic bread.

Are you a savoury type of person? Try our Olive & Rosemary Ciabatta loaf, we promise you won’t be disappointed!



Spray-free white flour, water, malt syrup, sea salt, yeast.


Contains wheat (gluten).
May contain traces of sesame seeds and walnuts.

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