Brioche Loaf

A tasty French classic! Brioche is a cross between pastry and bread made with a yeast dough enriched with butter, eggs and milk. It makes beautiful French toast or enjoy simply sliced and toasted with good jam, salted caramel or Nutella. It also works well as sandwich bread with a savoury filling.

Important: This product is baked and available later in the morning. It is typically available for pick up after 9am at The Tannery, or 10:30am at Riverside Market. It is exceptionally available to pre-order for Christmas.

Our Brioche loaf is so versatile you can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Combine it with our lovely Wai Ora honey, and/or dip it in some black filter coffee for an extra kick!



Spray-free white flour, water, butter, free-range eggs, organic cane sugar, milk powder, sea salt.


Contains wheat (gluten), butter and milk, egg.
May contain traces of soy (lecithin).

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