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Empty Glass Bottles Canterbury's Choice Milk

Canterbury’s Choice Milk is a family-owned and operated dairy farm in Springston that delivers fresh A2 milk and cream across the Canterbury region. Bellbird is proud to be working with this local and inspiring supplier. Let’s find out more about them.

What is the story behind Canterbury’s Choice Milk?

David Irvine’s passion for milk runs deep. His grandfather was his inspiration: he would rise early in the morning, regardless of the weather, to hop on the milk truck and deliver glass bottles of milk to families in Christchurch. David dreamed of buying a dairy farm to continue his family’s legacy of delivering fresh milk straight to the homes of Cantabrians.

This dream soon became a reality when David established Canterbury’s Choice with his family. Family is at the heart of the business, and eventually, Alex (David’s son) took the reins from his dad, continuing the business for the next generation. 

Irvine family Canterbury's Choice Milk
The Irvine family

What makes Canterbury’s Choice milk different from others on the market?

Canterbury’s Choice makes an effort to protect the environment they farm in and adheres to the best farming practices. They follow a “Happy Cow” policy, where they provide classical music and home-grown barley for their cows to enjoy. 

The farm is also 100% self-sufficient, which means it produces all what is needed for the cows on the land. The Irvine family credits the quality of their milk to the way they manage the farm and treat the cows: no palm kernel, no bobby calves, no harmful sprays. 

Why does Bellbird use Canterbury’s Choice milk?

Bellbird uses Canterbury’s Choice milk because it is fresh, local, sustainable and just plain delicious.

We love the fact that the milk is whole and non-homogenised. After a few days you see the cream has risen to the the top of the bottle. We leave it in of course because that’s where the flavour is, but you could scoop it out to eat it with cake if you wanted!

The milk is delivered to our door in reusable glass bottles. Just rinse and return. We love this business model that doesn’t rely on single-use plastic packaging.

In a nutshell, we love the quality of the milk, the sustainable practices and we are glad to support a local business.

What products feature Canterbury’s Choice milk?

Canterbury’s Choice milk is a key ingredient in our pastry cream (used in our Pain aux Raisins and Fruit Danish), Cheese & Chilli Scroll, Cheese & Jalapeño Croissant and Croque Monsieur. The milk’s rich flavour and creamy texture help in making these pastries and sandwiches delicious.

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